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Teddy is a visual interface to Popeye, Natch, Euclide and Jacobi. It only requires you to specify the location of Popeye and Natch + Euclide (if you plan to use them). All other parameters are set to usable values. They may be changed later.
Look at this page from time to time or if you have a problem. A newer version may have come out.

Support for the new conditions and options in Popeye 4.85
(but Totalinvisible is not supported)and some minor corrections
See all changes in 1.10.2
Fixed a problem in 1.10.0 (only) with pieces having special attributes like royal, magical, kamikaze, ...
Major changes
  • a complete undo/redo function for all keys and buttons that may be done using buttons with retraction counts on the menu line or using Ctrl + Z/Y
    including deleting/adding a problem, moving a problem and clearing the board, the last 200 key strokes or button presses may be reverted, but opening a file, importing a file or sorting the current one will clear the history
    Changing something after undoing will clear the forward history
  • an option to scale the diagrams by a percentage. Not all percentages result in nice diagrams, 78,1% works well
  • settings for short notation has been moved from the Popeye menu to the Setting menu as they also affect Euclide
  • options are now saved with the problem since some of them (like duplex and checkless) are actually stipulations/conditions, although Popeye categorize them as options
  • an option to show fairy pieces in text before the solution
  • a new button to clear the board
Minor changes
  • an option to add a blank line between twins in the solution
  • author name may be repeated from the previous problem by pressing the "+" above the name
  • it is now possible to import (add) another .tdy file
  • a help page showing the corrections in each version
  • a Windows warning is given if Teddy is attempted closed before the position and/or the file is saved
  • a Windows warning is given if Drop reults in going back to an empty diagram
  • a Windows warning is given if Solving is to be interrupted
  • all problems may be exported to a .csv file
  • common messages from Popeye are now treated as comments, free of the editing by short notation tabs
  • check of an input file is now dropped already after the first error
  • some mouseclicks are now required to be at least 0,2 seconds apart to work to prevent accidental clicks
  • Teddy now works under Windows with English as standard language (a question of the decimal point)
  • some changes did not mark the file as changed (dirty): changing comments, sorting and moving the entire position
  • rotation is now to the left as in Popeye
  • navigation arrows should not be visible when OK is
  • typing non-numeric data in the problem number field caused a program error
  • changing the frame and square colours of diagrams caused an error in 1.9.x
1.9.1 Corrected allocation of hash size for Euclide
Fixed an initializing problem for some new users
1.9.0 Teddy now integrates with Euclide
New features: Change of solving program by clicking in the main menu,
indicated in bold in main menu, buttons to double and reset the size of the central field, a warning if Popeye is used for proof games, support for Make&takeChess, PointReflection, Breton Adverse, longer backup names to avoid problem with multiple instances and a number of minor corrections
See all changes in 1.9.0
1.8.1 gives the option to choose colours for background, menu, buttons,
font, size and colour for layout text may be chosen.
solutions in imported Fancy files (often used as comments) are now treated as comments,
a "+" in the Author field will now retrieve the author name from the previous problem.
and some minor improvements and corrections.
See all changes in 1.8.1
1.8.0 Teddy now integrates with Natch
Many new features: Stopping Popeye/Natch, new Popeye conditions,
user may add new pieces/conditions (must be known to the solving program),
start in the latest tdy.file, change number of recent files, option to hide buttons
for asynchronous solving (ie. without wait), and some smaller improvements
and corrections.
See all changes in 1.8.0
1.7.0 Teddy now seamlessly integrates with Jacobi
At the press of a button, Teddy calls Jacobi and starts the solving
Jacobi parameters are generated in the same language as set for Popeye.
Also, it is now possible to change FEN in Teddy and have the board updated
1.6.2 lets Teddy create parameters for Jacobi
Create the position and stipulation and press Jacobi
1.6.1 presents the conditions lostpieces and partialparalysis
and a few minor changes
See all changes in 1.6.1
1.6.0 presents an option to use fen to see/use for diagram position
have more than 100 problems in a tdy-file
an option to sort the problems on composer or other fields
an option always to get solutions in short notation with qualification
and a number of minor changes/corrections
See all changes in 1.6.0
See what Teddy can do
1.5.0 presents Argentinian condition and pieces,
many improvements to the compression,
including an option to insert linebreaks every 3/4/5 moves,
and an option to align move numbers less than 10
and a number of minor changes/corrections
See all changes in 1.5.0
1.4.5 includes an option to save a diagram to a gif-file,
an information field (for 2.1... or the like) to be placed under the diagram,
an information checkmark to indicate that the problem is C+
and a number of minor changes and corrections
See all changes in 1.4.5
1.4.0 includes help to find twins and
compacting for fairies
See all changes in 1.4.0
1.3.0 includes qualification (like Sa*c7) in compact solution See all changes in 1.3.0
clicking on 1.3.0 still downloaded 1.2.1, sorry
corrected 2016-02-09 17:00
1.2.1 minor changes See all changes in 1.2.1
1.2.0 includes showing imitator, holes, magic squares and gridchess
an option to solve immediately when the position is changed

See all changes in 1.2.0
1.1.0 includes support for saving solutions. See all changes in 1.1.0

It has a lot of features:


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