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Teddy is a visual interface to Popeye. It only requires you to specify the location of Popeye, all other parameters are set to usable values. They may be changed later.
Look at this page from time to time or if you have a problem. A newer version may have come out.

1.7.0 Teddy now seamlessly integrates with Jacobi
At the press of a button, Teddy calls Jacobi and starts the solving
Jacobi parameters are generated in the same language as set for Popeye.
Also, it is now possible to change FEN in Teddy and have the board updated
1.6.2 lets Teddy create parameters for Jacobi
Create the position and stipulation and press Jacobi
1.6.1 presents the conditions lostpieces and partialparalysis
and a few minor changes
See all changes in 1.6.1
1.6.0 presents an option to use fen to see/use for diagram position
have more than 100 problems in a tdy-file
an option to sort the problems on composer or other fields
an option always to get solutions in short notation with qualification
and a number of minor changes/corrections
See all changes in 1.6.0
See what Teddy can do
1.5.0 presents Argentinian condition and pieces,
many improvements to the compression,
including an option to insert linebreaks every 3/4/5 moves,
and an option to align move numbers less than 10
and a number of minor changes/corrections
See all changes in 1.5.0
1.4.5 includes an option to save a diagram to a gif-file,
an information field (for 2.1... or the like) to be placed under the diagram,
an information checkmark to indicate that the problem is C+
and a number of minor changes and corrections
See all changes in 1.4.5
1.4.0 includes help to find twins and
compacting for fairies
See all changes in 1.4.0
1.3.0 includes qualification (like Sa*c7) in compact solution See all changes in 1.3.0
clicking on 1.3.0 still downloaded 1.2.1, sorry
corrected 2016-02-09 17:00
1.2.1 minor changes See all changes in 1.2.1
1.2.0 includes showing imitator, holes, magic squares and gridchess
an option to solve immediately when the position is changed

See all changes in 1.2.0
1.1.0 includes support for saving solutions. See all changes in 1.1.0

It has a lot of features:


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