Thema Danicum is closing down Tilbage til forsiden


Dear Friends!

Our magazine, THEMA DANICUM, has been published since 1976, and today the editors are old and tired.
Leif Schmidt has been afflicted with an untreatable heart disease (By-pas 1981 and 1998), and this is one reason why we must stop publishing the magazine after October 2007.
At the recent annual meeting of the Danish Society for Chess Problems, where Leif Schmidt was named an honorary member, it was decided that the editors should be allowed to finish their work on the magazine by closing it down. Chairman Kaare Vissing Andersen said that this prevents publishing a magazine of inferior quality. And when new editors are found, they can start a new problem magazine from scratch.
The plan is that we do not accept any more original problems; we have enough on hand to fill issue no. 124, October 2006. The solving tourney will end with the problems in this issue, and the four issues in 2007 will contain no original problems, but only solutions and awards and, if space permits, articles.

Yours sincerely