Dom i Thema Danicums hjælpematturnering 2003 (fra TD 118) v/ Zivko Janevski (MK) Tilbage til forsiden

During 2003 in THEMA DANICUM were published 61 original h#. I excluded following incorrect problem: no.9133 anticipated by Petko Petkov 3.HM PROBLEEMBLAD 1984. Because the level of h#2 is very low, I don't divide the problems in two groups. The total level of the tourney was very high. From the rest problems I propose the following ranking.

Diagram 9214
C.J. Feather (GB)
1. Pr., Thema Danicum 2003
h#2.5 B: Tg7 = hB C+ 9+6

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An original presentation of annihilation of white piece by BQ with white tempo moves as anti-element and direct white unpin.

Diagram 9060
Anatoly Karamanits (UA)
2. Pr., Thema Danicum 2003
h#6 2.1.1... C+ 2+6

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Two echo ideal mates with harmonious play in minimal Meredith position.

Diagram 9145
Aurel Karpati & Rolf Wiehagen (US . DE)
3. Pr., Thema Danicum 2003
H#5 C+ 3+3

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An economical setting of black Indian and mixed Bristol line-clearance with ideal mate in aristocratic miniature.

Diagram 9220
Christer Jonsson (SE)
1. HO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#5 2.1.1... C+ 3+5

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Zilahi theme and two self-blocks by black promoted pieces in Meredith position.

Diagram 8967
Marko Ylijoki (FI)
2. HO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#3.5 C+ 6+4

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An economical setting of reciprocal white battery creation with white interference and white square vacation.

Diagram 9215
Toma Garai (US)
In memoriam Jan Mortensen
3. HO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#3 2.1.1... C+ 3+9

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Double white masked battery creation in combination with indirect self-unpin of WS and pin-unpin of BSd4 in complete diagonal/orthogonal harmony between solutions.

Diagram 8965
Dieter Müller & Aleksandr Pankratjev (DE+SU)
4. HO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#3 2.1.1... C+ 6+12

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An interesting presentation of square vacation to Black by alternate sacrifice of the one of the two white pieces (Re3; Pf3) on the same square, e4.

Diagram 9216
Christopher Jones (GB)
1. RO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#3 B: Ke3 -> d3 C+ 6+10

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Consecutive reciprocal sacrifice of two black pieces on the same square (d4) in complete diagonal/orthogonal harmonious play.

Diagram 8956
Michal Dragoun (CZ)
2. RO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#2 B: Be4 -> e6 C+ 6+11

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An interesting setting of square vacation to BK by alternate sacrifice of the WRs, black self-pin and mixed interference.

Diagram 9141
Christer Jonsson (SE)
3. RO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#3* C+ 5+5

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An economical presentation of the known combination of Zilahi theme with black minor promotion.

Diagram 9058
Michael Grushko (IL)
4. RO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#5.5* C+ 3+5

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Two ideal mates in set-play form.

Diagram 9056
Christer Jonsson & Rolf Wiehagen (SE+DE)
5. RO, Thema Danicum 2003
H#4.5 C+ 3+8

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Combination of white annihilation by Bishop's corner to corner sacrificing and mixed line-clearance.

13.01.2005 Gevgelija
International Judge of FIDE

Zivko Janevski

We would like to thank the judge for his great job judging this tournament!