Teddy at work 19. juli 2016 Tilbage til forsiden

Here is an example of a lengthy output from Popeye:

Popeye may be called via Teddy, a visual interface that looks like the screenshot below.
The Popeye diagram is switched off here, the layout language for Teddy is chosen to be English (German, French and Danish are also possible choices) and the language for Popeye is chosen to be English (German and French are other choices).

Pressing the button will change the center field and present a compressed solution:

Pressing the button (the button may or may not have been pressed first) will present the solution in short notation with qualification if necessary:

A number of options has been used to control the compression. They may be switched on or off at your convenience.
The picture also shows five information lines created by Teddy and a diagram created by Teddy has been set in after the second line.

1) align move numbers less than 10
2) add a blank after .
3) drop Zugzwang
4) automatic removal of blank before +/#/=
5) insert a linebreak every 3 moves
6) no = at promotion
7) use x for captures

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