Changes in Teddy, version 1 22. januar 2016 Tilbage til forsiden

1.1.0 - 2016-01-05
Major changes
  • suppport for saving solutions
    • a menu option to always save solutions
    • a button to save a particular solution
    • a button to show a previously saved solution
    • solutions to direct mates/selfmates are always saved
      in compact format, as after >-<
  • a slightly revised format for .tdy-files
    • always save in the new format
    • read both old and new format
Minor changes
  • comments over several lines are now treated correctly
  • direct problems with twins are now correctly compacted
  • restore menu point works
  • less aggressive check for Popeye
  • accept changing name on another file during SaveAs
  • checkboxes/checkmarks instead of buttons for yes/no-choices
  • more clear checkmarks in menus