Changes in Teddy, version 10 15. july 2020 Tilbage til forsiden

1.10.2 - 2020-07-15
Minor changes
  • Support for the new conditions and options in Popeye 4.85
    (but Totalinvisible is not supported)
  • fixed a problem with the location of Popeye and Natch for new users
  • more space for piececount
  • maximize button made inactive
  • fixed some small problems with alignment when creating short notation for Natch
1.10.1 - 2020-05-11
Minor changes
  • Fixed a problem in 1.10.0 (only) with pieces having special attributes like royal, magical, kamikaze, ...
1.10.0 - 2020-04-18
Major changes
  • a complete undo/redo function for all keys and buttons that may be done using buttons with retraction counts on the menu line or using Ctrl + Z/Y
    including deleting/adding a problem, moving a problem and clearing the board, the last 200 key strokes or button presses may be reverted,
    but opening a file, importing a file or sorting the current one will clear the history
    Changing something after undoing will clear the forward history
  • an option to scale the diagrams by a percentage. Not all percentages result in nice diagrams, 78,1% works well
  • settings for short notation has been moved from the Popeye menu to the Setting menu as they also affect Euclide
  • options are now saved with the problem since some of them (like duplex and checkless) are actually stipulations/conditions,
    although Popeye categorize them as options
  • an option to show fairy pieces in text before the solution
  • a new button to clear the board
Minor changes
  • an option to add a blank line between twins in the solution
  • author name may be repeated from the previous problem by pressing the "+" above the name
  • it is now possible to import (add) another .tdy file
  • a help page showing the corrections in each version
  • a Windows warning is given if Teddy is attempted closed before the position and/or the file is saved
  • a Windows warning is given if Drop reults in going back to an empty diagram
  • a Windows warning is given if Solving is to be interrupted
  • all problems may be exported to a .csv file
  • common messages from Popeye are now treated as comments, free of the editing by short notation tabs
  • check of an input file is now dropped already after the first error
  • some mouseclicks are now required to be at least 0,2 seconds apart to work to prevent accidental clicks
  • Teddy now works under Windows with English as standard language (a question of the decimal point)
  • some changes did not mark the file as changed (dirty): changing comments, sorting and moving the entire position
  • rotation is now to the left as in Popeye
  • navigation arrows should not be visible when OK is
  • typing non-numeric data in the problem number field caused a program error
  • changing the frame and square colours of diagrams caused an error in 1.9.x