Changes in Teddy, version 4 30. maj 2016 Tilbage til forsiden

1.4.5 - 2016-05-30
Minor changes
  • Cancel will no longer drop changes made in the right side
  • an option to save a diagram to a gif-file
  • an information field (for 2.1... or the like) to be placed under the diagram
  • an information checkmark to indicate that the problem is C+
  • a button to create a sorted list of the problems
Corrections and improvements
  • in version 1.4.0 solutions were incorrectly saved if save always was set (sorry)
  • verification of the parameter file
  • use * instead of ...
  • correct compacting of set play in a help mate in n.5 moves
  • include royal fairy pieces in piece count
  • <<,<,>,>> on buttons are now pictures, not text
  • easier to change problem number and number of moves
  • stronger check when importing Fancy files
  • better error messages when checking parameters, Teddy files and Fancy files
  • correct return in case of errors
  • twins are shown better in info and ekstrakt
1.4.0 - 2016-04-09
Major changes
  • searching for possible twins:
    1. click twin
    2. drag a piece from the box, the fairy piece or from the board onto twin ok
    3. click solve
    4. Popeye will now solve the problem with the selected piece anywhere on the board
      This may be time consuming!
  • compact solutions also for fairy problems
    but qualification only for FIDE pieces and not with rebirth, color change, ...
Minor changes
  • options are kept until next problem
  • columns in compact solutions are now tailored
  • Zugzwang. -> ZZ
  • more options for compacting
  • acknowledgement when copying and exporting