Changes in Teddy, version 6 12. august 2018 Tilbage til forsiden

1.6.2 - 2018-08-12
Major changes
  • Teddy creates parameters for Jacobi
    At the press of a button, Teddy calls Jacobi and starts the solvingJacobi parameters are generated in the same language as set for Popeye.
  • it is now possible to change FEN in Teddy and have the board updated
1.6.1 - 2017-08-01
Major changes
  • presents the conditions lostpieces and partialparalysis
  • sorting now treats upper and lower case letters alike
  • problems 100-... may now be selected from the list window
  • problems having Tab in comments were incorrectly compressed
1.6.0 - 2017-01-05
Major changes
  • an option to use fen to see/use for diagram position
  • have more than 100 problems in a tdy-file
  • an option to sort the problems on composer or other fields
  • an option always to get solutions in short notation with qualification
Improvements when importing from Fancy
  • imitator and hole are now accepted
  • correct handling of twin with add if language is changed
Improvements when compressing the solution
  • line break may now be inserting every two moves
  • correct qualification with proof games, promotions and castling
  • neater handling of line breaks in late variants
  • neater handling of serial problems
  • correct handling when movenumbers is specified
  • arrows and ok are now pictures: better handling when display is set to 125%/150%
  • all buttons now have a uniform grey background
  • correct handling when selecting out of bounds on list screen
  • improvements when Teddy is started by clicking on a tdy-file
  • correct handling if the from-square of a twin is cleared
  • accept rare stipulations like HR#
  • avoid double forward/backward in case of double click on the arrows/ul>