Changes in Teddy, version 8 27. maj 2019 Tilbage til forsiden

1.8.1 - 2019-05-27
Major changes
  • Option to choose colours for background, menu, buttonsfont, size and colour for layout text may be chosen
  • solutions in imported Fancy files (often used as comments) are now treated as comments
  • a "+" in the Author field will now retrieve the author name from the previous problem
  • show info will now change Popeye stipulation for proof games to layout name (dia->PG)
  • fixed so that number of recent files may be set to 16
  • fixed default parameters for new users
  • create Teddy-libaries (data/backup/temp) if drive does not exist
  • clearing twins no longer closes the window
1.8.0 - 2019-02-19
Major changes
  • Teddy now integrates with Natch (select Natch in Program menu)
  • Popeye and Natch may be stopped by pressing a button
  • new pieces/conditions may be added by the user (see help/pieces)
  • the buttons for asynchronous solving (start without wait) may be hidden
  • Teddy may be set to start in the latest .tdy-file
Minor changes
  • new conditions Breton, Bretonadverse, Lesemajeste and Rokagogo
  • option to let right click on a non-empty square select that piece
    in addition to clearing the square
  • context menu to cut/copy/paste/select all in the central field
    (this may still be done by marking data and using ctrl-C ...)
  • a new menu item Program to switch between Popeye, Jacobi and Natch
    (this may also be done in a context menu on a solving button)
  • colours for board and diagrams are shown better in the menus
  • the number of recent files may be changed
  • a major internal reorganisation
  • safer file handling
  • internal check of parameters