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Teddy is a visual interface to Popeye, Natch, Euclide and Jacobi. It only requires you to specify the location of Popeye and Natch + Euclide (if you plan to use them). All other parameters are set to usable values. They may be changed later.
Look at this page from time to time or if you have a problem. A newer version may have come out.

Major changes
  • support for Popeye 4.89
  • full solutions are always saved along with the problem (max 100 lines)
    may be retrieved later using arrow up at lower right under the central field
    warning if diagram or conditions are changed
Minor changes
  • easy changing of the colour of the fairy piece to be inserted
  • buttons to repeat publication, comment, stipulation, ... from previous problem
  • diagram options are now placed under Settings
  • revised format of Teddy-files (.tdy), old format is accepted
  • accept Pser and Phser for Jacobi
  • menupoint to export to same file
  • empty Popeye-/Natch-/Euclide-library is changed to c:\Users
  • search now possible for stipulation, conditions, piece positions (like Kf4)
  • .csv files are now in UTF-8
  • FEN is not shown if position involves fairy pieces
  • correct twinning when UP is pressed
  • a problem with unnecessary qualification solved
  • errors during initialization of Teddy are now always in English
  • backup-files are now deleted according to settings
    this could take some time on first use of 1.11.1
  • fixed an error in 1.11 when calling Euclide
    Major changes
    • five new fields: Problemnumber, Year, Issue, Tourney, Prize
      May be used if you have published problems in a Teddy-file
      New menu point (Auto fill) will try to extract the values from Author and Source
    • new stipulations: A=>B (A being previous diagram), Pser, Phser
    • A=>B in Jacobi, helpmates in Jacobi
    • solving in parts in Jacobi (like MoveNumbers)
    Minor changes
    • maxmem 8192M, 16384M and All
    • drop spaces at the start and end of data
    • sorting
      warning about undo list when sorting is replaced by a heading in sort
      sorting now sets file dirty mark
      more sorting options
      ascending is now default
    • FEN
      changing FEN now sets file dirty mark
      mark position in case of error
      change S/s to N/n
      insert slashes if none present
    • PageUp/PageDown now goes to previous/next problem,
      Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+Pagdown to first/last problem
    • new option Lock solution window after short notation
    • menu point to export short summaries to csv-file
    • menu point to copy more problems
    • menu points Use Popeye/Natch/Euclide/Jacobi dropped, click is enough
    • missing recent file may now be deleted from the list
    • show date and time when solving starts
    • show total number of problems in Teddy file
    • show Teddy version
    • improved handling of framesize
    • improved error messages when solution file is missing or incorrect
    • improved handling when a problem is deleted
    • fixed problem with short notation for Pser
    • show = at the end for stale mate even if = is not to be shown at promotion
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    It has a lot of features:


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