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The Danish Chess Problem Society (DCPS) was founded on January 14, 1932 by a group of chess problem enthusiasts in Copenhagen. The membership grew fairly rapidly, new members being recruited from among the readers of the various newspaper chess columns and the chess problem column in Skakbladet (published by the Danish Chess Federation). This column was for a period edited by DSK-member Danny Kristiansen, later by the forrmer chairman of the club, Kaare Vissing Andersen, but Hans Larsen took over from 2005 to 2015. For a short period the column was edited by the present chairman of DCPS, Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, but now problem chess is no longer present in Skakbladet.
The club has a library of some 800 chess problem items for the members to read. The library is presently being moved to a new location at Herstedvester School. DCPS conducts monthly meetings in Copenhagen, normally the second Thursday of the month.
Through a period of 32 years the club magazine was published under the name of Thema Danicum with Leif Schmidt as editor. He stepped down after 2007 due to health problems. It was decided to let the name go with him. In 2008 a new quarterly magazine, Problemskak, emerged with Bjørn Enemark as editor. This magazine is now in its thirteenth year. Each issue contains around 50 chess diagrams, more than half of them originals, and articles for both beginners and experts. It contains direct problems, self mates, help mates and fairy problems. A solving tourney runs for one year at the time. The original help mates and fairies take part in two-year competitions. The judges have been:

period help mates fairies
2008-2010 Thomas Maeder, CH Kjell Widlert, SE
2011-2012 Franz Pachl, DE Hans Gruber, DE
2013-2014 Jorge Lois & Jorge Kapros, AR Göran Forslund, SE
transferred to Kjell Widlert, SE, after Göran's death
2015-2016 Michael McDowell, GB Juraj Lörinc, SK
2017-2018 Valery Kopyl, UA Lennart Werner, SE
2019-2020 Marco Bonavoglia, IT

If you want a free trial copy of Problemskak or send originals or send solutions, please contact the editor. Application for membership may be sent to the treasurer.
Subscription fee 2020, foreigners: Scandinavia 225 DKK, Europe: 32 EUR, World 40 USD. Account number in Nordea, Swift-BIC: NDEADKKK, IBAN: DK89 2000 0105 869827.
Kontingent 2020, danske medlemmer, se Dansk

the editor

the treasurer

Bjørn Enemark Steen Christensen
Stjernevangen 7 Kornvænget 13
DK-2600 Glostrup DK-3390 Hundested
Denmark Denmark