Thema Danicum Tilbage til forsiden

Publishing the Thema Danicum was the prime activity of the Danish Chess Problem Society during the years 1977-2007. It was a highly serious problem magazine published for the members on a quarterly basis. Every issue held some 100 problems for both beginners and experts.
About a third of the problems were originals. The magazine also contained articles abount chess problems, portraits of problemists, solutions and comments for the problems of TD half a year ago, the positions in the running solving contest, reports from the monthly meetings, tourney announcements, etc.
Leif Schmidt was General Editor, Technical Editor, and also received originals. Erik Hansen was Solutions Editor the last last five years. Before that Holger Helledie had been in charge of the solutions.
The magazine was in A5-format and contained 28 pages in a handsome typographical layout.